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In 1979, Arte Romera was born in a small workshop next to the Valencian orchards, as a result of the enthusiastic project by the Romera brothers, a family company dedicated to furniture decoration and accessories.


Over time, Arte Romera has consolidated as a renowned company due to its exclusive lines and finishes, as well as to the quality and guarantee of its products.


Along this time we have not been unaware of the changes and tendencies that catapulted us into the future.


The development of new products and materials in the field of decoration and furniture, as well as the way of projecting and enabling the space under new aesthetics, have been one of our prime objectives from the (very) first day.


Nowadays we have a highly qualified team in all areas, as well as a constant quality control, from the raw materials origin to the final finish, whose main purpose is the total satisfaction of our customers and the guarantee of our products